Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I'm Out!

Well, The Flaming Vegan has now rejected my post three times with no explanation as to why. They keep acting like it has nothing to do with the post itself, that it's all about the image, but I'm pretty sure that's a bunch of bullshit.

I got a response to the email I sent asking them about it last night and, basically, they said exactly the same thing they had said in the first email. The only difference was that this time they said it with a rather infuriating tone of condescension. Nonetheless, I decided to give it one more try. Since they kept saying that the issue had something to do with the image I used, I decided to resubmit the post with a completely different image. Well, first thing this morning I got an email saying that the previous revision (the one with the same image, but a better citation) was rejected. This email was exactly the same as the first one though. So I thought, maybe the issue wasn't the citation, maybe it was the image itself. So I chose a totally different image and submitted the post one more time. A couple of hours later I received yet another copy of the exact same email saying this one was rejected as well. 

So yeah, I'm fucking done with them. I'm a fairly flexible person, and I would be totally willing to change the image or rewrite the post (which I'm assuming is what it would actually take) but I'm not going to keep guessing what they want from me. So I'm just going to have to find someplace else to send my animal rights related writing. Oh well. 

Here is the email they sent me, three times. Really fucking helpful, right?

We wanted to write and let you know that we have deleted your post
"The Herbivore's Dilemma Part 1:Outreach"
because it did not meet our quality guidelines. Specifically, it was
removed for one of the following reasons:

This post needs a more appropriate image. Our stock image(s) unfortunately aren't sufficient for your post.

Or, the photo you provided does not meet our aesthetic or is not properly cited at the bottom of your post.

Please upload a sufficient photo and re-submit. We look forward to reviewing it again! Thanks for contributing!

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