Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Why Is This So Complicated?

You guys know how I tend to struggle with technology more than the average person, right? Not so much that I don't know how to use it (although that does happen as well) but that nothing electronic ever seems to work the way it's supposed to when I'm around. Well, here is one of the weirder examples that have come up lately. My email service will not let me delete emails after a certain time of day. I check my email in the morning and am able to get rid of unwanted messages with no problem. I try to do the same thing in the evening and they just refuse to go away. I check the little box, click the delete button, nothing happens. Better yet, sometimes I check the little box, hit the delete button, the email goes away only to magically reappear in a few seconds. I've even tried going ahead and opening the email to delete it from there. I open it, hit the delete button, it moves on to the next email, I hit delete on that one, and so forth, then once I've been through all of them, I land back at my inbox, only to find that all of the emails are still there.
I feel your pain, Ward. 

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