Sunday, March 8, 2015

Thinking Outside the Sandbox

The title of this post is the dumbest pun ever, and I apologize.

I've been doing the same basic workout every day for quite some time now and some of the exercises were getting way too easy, specifically sit ups and squats. I had been using these weights that I already had, but they were only ten pounds each and they just weren't heavy enough anymore. Well, 1- weights are really fucking expensive, and 2- I kind of wanted ones that were soft-ish (the ones I've been using are ankle weights). So I decided to just buy a fifty pound bag of sand instead. I just had to wrap it in duct tape so it wouldn't leak. I'm pleased to say that it actually worked quite well.

Also, I'm pretty sure I can get my stripper pole to fit in the basement. So that's a little extra motivation to get that place cleaned up here soon.

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