Thursday, March 19, 2015

Another Dumb Idea

So, if I were to start making videos would you guys watch them? I actually mentioned this idea once before, but I've been seriously considering it recently. The original idea was basically to try out a bunch of different scenarios from movies and TV to see how they would work in the real world; escaping from various situations, testing different maneuvers, etc. Then I started thinking that it might be kind of cool to do other videos too. I know there have been lots of times that I've tried to describe various things that have happened to me, and thought "This would be much easier if I could just show them." Like when I try to tell you guys about how Impala attacks his own back half, or when I get some ridiculous injury in class, that sort of thing.

Plus it would give me some level of justification for wanting to learn to do things like Capoeira. I can say that it's for my viewers, instead of just because I feel like it. I was even considering the idea of filming some of my poems (maybe), since I'm fairly certain I would do a better job in front of a camera than in front of actual people.

When I mentioned my idea about testing out things from movies and TV to my sister and her not-boyfriend she thought it sounded like an okay idea, but he didn't. I said "I just don't feel like anybody has really done that before." He said "Yes they did, it was called Jackass." To which my sister replied "but they didn't have a girl." I guess my being female makes it more interesting.....? Personally, I didn't think it was all that similar, but whatever, Steve-O is a pretty cool guy, so I'll take it. Also, to be fair, I think at the time I was specifically talking about testing out how hard it would be to set someone on fire with an aerosol can.
So what do you guys think, do you want to help me become YouTube famous? 

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