Tuesday, March 10, 2015


You want to know something that I don't think gets the appreciation it deserves? The feeling of new socks. I have been wearing the same five pairs of socks for.....I don't even know..... a year?... more?...I really don't know. What I do know is that they have become damn near useless. They are stretched out and saggy, ridiculously thin with holes in the heels, and sometimes they fall clear down and ball up under my feet while I'm walking. You're probably wondering why I let it get to this point. Well, you see, I'm really particular about my socks. This means that they tend to be 1-Kind of expensive, and 2-hard to find. I like them to be tall (to he knee or higher), thick enough to be warm but not bulky, tough enough to not fall apart but still kind of silky, and I wanted several pairs that were all the same. I finally broke down and ordered some online, for way more than a person should have to pay for socks, and I got them yesterday. I had honestly forgotten how socks are supposed to feel. It's really quite pleasant.
And as J's grandmother used to say "Home is a place where you keep your socks, and socks are for keeping everything warm."

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