Monday, March 16, 2015

My Feelings

I just thought I would go ahead and clarify what I said yesterday about going to Ikea. I don't actually hate it that much, I was mostly just quoting Mitchell (for those of you who haven't watched Being Human, see below). I do find it rather depressing though, because it reminds me how truly pathetic my life is. I mean, compared to other places, their stuff is ridiculously cheap and I still can't even come close to being able to afford most of it. Plus, where would I put any of it if I could afford it? I find myself walking around going "Oh, this would look so nice in my kitchen that I don't have!" and "Wouldn't this just be perfect for me, if I wasn't basically squatting in someone else's house?" So yeah, I don't particularly enjoy trips to Ikea, but it's nothing personal, they actually have a lot of pretty cool stuff, and I really love the fact that most of it is designed specifically to make the most of small spaces. Who knows, maybe someday. 

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