Sunday, April 12, 2015

Where's My Car?

Yesterday, my sister and I had planned to go grocery shopping and to the mall (groan) so that I could get some new pants, since all of mine are falling apart. She had an appointment to get her hair dyed in the morning though, so I thought I would just sit around and watched some more Daredevil with my mom while I waited for her to get back. Well, it ended up taking seven hours, for some reason that I still don't entirely understand. I finally decided to just go to Fairmont and wait for her there. She finally did get done right before I got there, so we left my car in a parking lot and went to Morgantown. It was a pretty decent day, overall. We mostly accomplished what we set out to do, and got back at a reasonable time for me to feed the pigs. However, when we were about five minutes from my mom's house the though suddenly struck me that "Wait.....didn't I have my car earlier...? Oh right, it's still in Fairmont. Awesome."

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