Monday, April 20, 2015

Change It Back

You know a few days ago when I talked about the word "virago" and how it's definition change from a positive statement of a woman's strength to a negative comment about her attitude? Well, the more I thought about it, the more that bugged me. You see, I love words. I especially love beautiful and unique words. I think this is a particularly beautiful and unique word, and I think it's bullshit that it has taken on this unpleasant connotation. So you know what, I'm changing it back! I made a bunch of different pendants with "virago" written on them the other day, and I fully intend to start wearing one as soon as they are finished. And when people ask me what it means, I'm going to tell them that it means a strong, courageous woman. So if anyone wants to help me change this word back to what it should be, I'll have some jewelry available soon. 
Let's undo this!


  1. Yeah! I'm gonna need one of those, when they are available for purchase.

    1. Well you do have a birthday coming up :) When they're finished, you can have your pick.