Saturday, April 18, 2015

Not How I Wanted It

We didn't do anything particularly exciting in class last night. We did a little more footwork, a few kicks, and a few elbows. I haven't had a decent injury in two weeks now, and it's a bit disappointing.

I did, however, kick a door in yesterday, which was kind of interesting. I must say, though, it didn't happen the way I would have wanted it to. You see, I keep my pig food inside my dad's shop, and the key to get in keeps getting all gummed up with pig mud and it makes it really hard to get the door open. Well, yesterday it just wouldn't open at all. I tried it over and over again, I tried scraping the mud off the key and then out of the keyhole as best I could.....nothing. Meanwhile, the pigs are shrieking, and stomping, and demanding to be fed. So finally I was just like "Fuck it!" and kicked the door in. Then I had to go back and nail the door jam back together and screw the plate back on. So yeah, not as badass as I wanted it to be.

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