Thursday, April 10, 2014

Timing Part 1: Just a Feeling

This post got absurdly long so I decided to split it up into two, just so you guys won't hate me.

Today was kind of a weird day, not bad weird (for once) but weird. Maybe it was just the nice weather making me a little giddy, or maybe I'm actually losing my mind, but it just sort of felt like everything was happening.....on purpose. If that makes any sense. Normally, if anything holds me up when I'm trying to do something or go somewhere, it instantly pisses me off. Well today I got held up left and right all day, but somehow it was okay. I don't know, it felt like it was for a reason.

First of all, I hadn't intended to go anywhere today. I just suddenly decided to go grocery shopping, just because I felt like it. I never feel like going shopping, never. Then, I didn't even leave the house until almost five, which should have been enough to make me change my mind about going at all. But I still just felt like going. Then, shortly after leaving the house, I turned around to rescue a turtle from the road; which turned out not to be a turtle at all but a leaf. Then as I was passing my mom's house, she just happened to be standing outside. So I stopped to ask her if she wanted me to get anything for her. She said she didn't, and I told her to call me if she thought of anything.

I decided to stop at the mall so I could go to FYE, in hopes of finding a used copy of Captain America, because my mom hasn't seen it and I told her I would rent it. I had already checked both of the Redboxes in Mannington and neither one had it. So I thought "I'll just buy a cheap used copy then." Not only did FYE not have any used copies, they didn't have any copies at all. I decided to look for it at Target, and they had it, but wanted $23 for it. I then proceeded to hang around in Target for what seemed like forever trying to decide if I was desperate enough to pay that much for it. I ultimately decided against it, and finally found it in the Redbox at Kroger. Basically the point here is that the entire trip to the mall was an utter waste of my time. Still, I wasn't bothered by it, for some reason. Even though it had been a completely pointless trip, it didn't feel pointless; it felt important.

Remember my post about how even the most minor decision could have a profound effect on our lives? That's what today felt like. It was like someone, somewhere was trying to make sure I would be at the right place at the right time. Or maybe that I would not be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I don't know. Anyway, more on this tomorrow.

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