Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Who Said That?

The other day I had this funny line stuck in my head, and it was bugging the shit out of me because I couldn't remember where it came from. I kept trying to figure out who said it, or even what show it was from. I knew it was something that I had just heard recently, so I kept running through all of the shows I had watched in the past couple of days waiting for one to click. When that didn't work, I tried thinking about different characters from shows I had watched, trying to determine which of them would have been likely to say it. No luck. Finally, after it had been making me crazy for the better part of a day, I realized that it was something that had actually been said to me in real life. That's how little social interaction I have; I just assume that anything I've ever heard must have been from a fictional character. Rather pathetic.
Speaking of my unhealthy attachment to fictional characters, the season premier of Supernatural is tonight! I am ridiculously fucking excited about it! 

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