Friday, October 10, 2014

Interesting Development

You know what I realized yesterday? I only really hate the cold when I don't move around enough. As soon as it starts getting the least bit chilly, I am totally miserable. I feel like my whole skin is being eaten alive by the cold, and I just want to curl into a ball (which I sometimes actually do. It doesn't help much.) What I noticed though is that if I'm moving around enough, I don't even notice the cold. So what I'm thinking is, I need to find some way to stay really active all day. This ends up being a problem because a large part of my day involves sitting around, waiting until I have something to do. By the time I do have something to do, I'm freezing and don't want to do it anymore.  Whereas if I stay busy, I also stay warm and therefore motivated. I think I seriously need to find a job that requires actual physical labor, that would cover a pretty large portion of my day. And I need to do it soon because..........

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