Saturday, October 4, 2014

Every Time

Last night at class, we worked on really getting the technique down on some of the basic moves. It turns out there were quite a few things I was doing wrong, but I feel like I was doing a lot better by the end.

Then, at the end of class, my instructor and I sparred until 20 minutes past time for class to be over, which was pretty cool. Naturally though, I couldn't get by without doing at least a few weird, awkward things. After we had been sparring for a while, he said that it seemed like I wasn't throwing real punches because I was trying to protect my face. I wasn't sure how to explain that I wasn't afraid of getting hit, I was just sort of hiding behind my gloves because my mouth guard gives me monkey face, and it makes me self-conscious. Then, I lost one of my fucking earrings and didn't realize it until he stepped on it. At first we thought it was a thumb tack or something, but then I picked it up and realized it was my earring. I apologized and threw it in my bag, and he said "Shouldn't it have a back or something then." I already felt like an asshole for letting my earring stab him in the foot, so I  said "Yeah, but I that's okay, I really don't care." But he proceeded to look for it anyway, and found it for me. So yeah, yet another failed attempt at social interaction on my part.
Me with my mouth guard in. 

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