Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Good Enough

Well, the whole hair bleaching thing didn't go exactly as planned (huge surprise there, since basically nothing I do ever goes as planned) but it worked out okay, for the most part. I went over to the Rite Aid and bought a bleach kit (for anyone interested, Splat! is cruelty-free and available in drug stores. I did my research.), immediately came back, mixed it up, and put it on. I let it process for an hour. I had actually intended to leave it a little longer than that, but it started burning.....a lot. So I washed it out only to find a truly obnoxious yellow color. Like really, really yellow. Fortunately for my pride, and unfortunately for my finances, my massage client didn't show up last night. So no one outside of my immediate family actually saw it. Of course, the wise thing to do would have been to just deal with the yellow for a couple of days and then bleach it again. So, naturally, I got my sister to go back to Rite Aid and buy me another bleach kit, and bleached it again. I only left it on for half an hour the second time, because I became legitimately concerned that I was burning my skin off. Anyway, in the end I got a fairly decent shade of platinum blonde, a very sore scalp, and red patches all over the back of my neck.

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