Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Every Damn Time

I think I have mentioned before how I tend to have exceptionally bad luck with any and all electronic devices. Well, it's starting to get really fucking ridiculous. Honestly just about every electronic device that I have grown attached to, like the ones that I absolutely use on a daily basis, has broken. Sometimes I have managed to get them working again, but lately that has not been the case.

You all know that I have been having to write this blog from my mom's house because my computer broke. Well now, my DVD player sopped working. That may not seem terribly upsetting or especially weird, but it is. 1- I use it EVERY day, not to watch movies, but for my workouts. Remember how I mention I was doing T25? Well, I had just gotten to the point where I wasn't hating it when my DVD player suddenly decides to stop working. This is a very big deal for me because I simply cannot stand to skip exercising, it completely fucks up my whole day! Also, I just got this DVD player a few months ago, there is really no excuse for it breaking this soon. You see, I was using my computer for my workouts but then, long before it broke completely, it stopped playing DVDs. I tried everything I could think of. I cleaned the disk drive, I downloaded a new player, I tried different DVDs, nothing! Now the same thing happens again with a device whose sole purpose is to do the thing it has stopped doing.

And these are far from the only times I have had this issue. I have never bought a new computer for any reason other than mine becoming entirely ruined, and I don't think I have ever had a cell phone that worked properly for more than a month after I got it, and even cars that I drive end up breaking in the most ridiculous ways.
Basically, this ^ is what happens every time I set foot near anything electronic. 

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