Thursday, October 2, 2014

Even Stairway to Heaven Sucks After This Many Times

You know what really gets to me? Repetitively annoying things. I can handle some pretty annoying things; what I can't handle is annoying things that keep happening over and over (and over and over and over) again.

Some of you may remember years ago, when I wrote that poetry book, and I was all excited because I found a place that was willing to publish it, and then it turned out to be a big scan where they just kept trying to convince me to buy more and more copies of my own book (if you don't know about that, that's okay, what I just said pretty much covers it.) I am STILL getting emails from those fucking people! I'm talking multiple emails every day, trying to get me to buy my own fucking book, that I wrote several years ago and now thoroughly regret having written in the first place.

Also, there has been some organization taking some kind of poll, calling my dad's house multiple times a day. You see, I don't really get phone calls and I hate talking on the phone anyway, so when I'm home by myself I never answer the phone. I let the machine pick it up and if it happens to be someone I want to talk to, I answer then. These people keep calling and hanging up on the machine over and over again. I counted six times the other day. So it's four rings, the machine picks up, they hang up, two or three minutes go by, four more rings, etc. I finally just answered the other day, that's how I know who it was, but guess what? It was a fucking recording, so I couldn't even tell them to stop calling!

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