Saturday, October 18, 2014

Well That Was Productive

Last night when I went to class I noticed immediately that the room I'm usually in was unusually empty. The only person there was some kid I had never seen before who was just sort of hanging around and obviously waiting for someone. This was weird because the kids' boxing class before my class always runs over by at least 5 minutes. I also noticed that there was some sort of large class going on in the back room which usually only has 2 or 3 guys. Also, my instructor was nowhere to be found. I waited around for about fifteen minutes, then I called my sister and asked her to check my email and make sure that class hadn't been cancelled. Nope, no email. So I just kept hanging around, wandering in the hallway, thinking that maybe he would show up. At 7:30 I finally said "fuck it" and went back to pick up my stuff. When I did, the kid (and by kid I mean like 11 years old) came over and asked me if I wanted to go into the class. I told him that I was just waiting for my instructor, but that I didn't think he was coming. The kid asked me what his name was and when I told him, he ran into the back and came out with my instructor. Apparently, they had some sort of seminar going on for all the guys who worked there, and someone was suppose to tell me.....and they didn't. Fan-fucking-tastic.

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