Saturday, May 9, 2015

Where Is Stick When You Need Him?

Last night in class we worked on head kicks, which was cool except for the fact that we were just kicking into the air with no actual targets, and I simply cannot do anything right that way! I need something to hit (preferably something that hits back). When I try to punch or kick with no target, I just end up feeling like a complete ass and not coming anywhere near doing it right. Finally, after I had done it wrong like thirty times in a row, the New Instructor put his hand up for me to kick and I instantly did it (at least mostly) right, then he put it back down and I suddenly sucked again.

Also, at one point, I landed wrong and felt something shift in my ankle. Then I had this weird numb feeling in it for the rest of the class, which just made me even worse at everything than I already was. I was pretty sure I was going to wake up this morning with my ankle all swollen and nasty looking, but it's actually fine now. So I guess that was one good thing at least.
Seriously why can't I get training like I would if I were a comic book character?!

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