Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Do you have certain things that you absolutely need in order to feel good about yourself? Like random, stupid little things that (for some reason) have an inordinate amount of influence on your self-esteem? Because I definitely do. I mean, I knew this about myself. I've always spent a great deal of time and energy doing things simply because they make me feel better about myself. I did not realize until this weekend though, how crucial mascara is to my self-image. I know it's stupid, but apparently eyelashes are very important to me.

I normally buy all of my makeup online, mostly from e.l.f. because they are cheap, non-animal tested, and vegan (which, in case you didn't know, is almost unheard-of), plus I just really like their stuff. This last time, I accidentally ordered the wrong kind of mascara, and then spent the entire weekend feeling ridiculously self-conscious. It just wasn't the same as the one I normally use, and made my lashes show up about half as much as they normally do. Of all the things that I could base my feelings about my appearance on, I really don't know why I would choose the one thing that people are probably the least likely to notice, but that's apparently what I did. Anyway, I finally went to Target and just hoped that they had the kind I wanted; luckily they did or I would be really freaking out right now. 
This ^ is the good one.

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