Wednesday, May 6, 2015

So Close....

I actually attempted to make a video for you guys today but, alas, I've failed yet again. Well, I did actually make a video, at least in theory, but I still can't post it.

You see, I have encountered a few issues which I was not aware of when I had this whole video blog idea. 1- I'm thinking that, despite it's durability (which is why I bought it), a GoPro was probably not my best option. It turns out it has neither a playback option, nor a viewfinder of any kind. In order to know what you have been filming, you have to upload the video and watch it on your computer. Which means that the video I filmed today my have been of my own knees, for all I know. 2- I wasn't thinking about the fact that I would need video editing software. I'm still not certain, but I don't think I can actually get it on this computer, since it's not a real computer (It's a Chromebook). So it looks like I may have to download the software on my mom's computer and edit them from there. Why exactly is it that everything I try to do turns out to be a giant pain in the ass?
Perhaps I should have just gone all-out with my equipment like the Ghostfacers. 

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