Thursday, May 7, 2015

I'm Living in a Horror Movie

I haven't used my punching bag for a long time, because I fucked up my hand a while back, and using the punching bag was stopping it from healing properly. Meanwhile, I have recently noticed these weird little weevil-like bugs in my workout room. I hadn't been all that bothered by them, because there were only a few of them, here and there, plus they're tiny. I had noticed though that they like to hang out on my punching bag, but I didn't really think much of it.

Well, today I decided that my hand was finally healed enough that I could use the bag again. So I spent a few minutes with it, at the end of my workout. As I'm leaving the room, I look up at the top of the bag and there are literally hundreds of the little weevil bugs crawling out of the zipper! I just sort of stood there in shock for a minute and then I noticed this strange, very quiet, rustling noise. I leaned my ear a little closer to the bag and realized it was coming from inside. I'm fairly certain the whole thing is completely full of bugs! There must be thousands of them in there, and I clearly pissed them all off by punching them.

Here's the best part, I couldn't really do anything about it. I would have liked to take the thing outside and dump it out, but it weighs 100 pounds and is hanging from the ceiling; I could move it by myself, but I'm afraid that if I jostle it too much trying to get it down from the ceiling, or down the stairs the bugs will get even angrier and swarm me. I mean, they're not very threatening as individuals, but when you get that many of them thanks. So I guess I'll have to get my dad to help me carry the thing outside, and just hope that we can be gentle enough that they won't know what's going on. Also, I really hope that the ones who came out today go back inside instead of spreading out all over my room.
Seriously, how did my life turn into everyone's least favorite episode of Supernatural? 

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