Monday, May 18, 2015

Mad Max

My sister and I went to see Mad Max last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I never actually saw the original but, based on the bits and pieces that I did see, I'm pretty sure it wasn't much like this one. I could be wrong, but I got the distinct impression that the original was basically just a bunch of guys trying to kill each other in the desert. This one, while still maintaining an abundance of action scenes, also had quite a good story and some serious feminist overtones (which I am fairly certain were not in the original). Anyway, it was a very weird, but cool movie. And Charlize Theron's character was amazing! I would recommend it (you will have to overlook the creepy scene right at the beginning in which Max eats a live lizard though. That was just unnecessary).

Also, this morning, I was reading Fragile Things, by Neil Gaiman and there was this part where the narrator was talking about going to watch a performance and he says that he thinks whoever designed the costumes watched Mad Max too many times. Jut another of those weird little coincidences that follow me around and make me feel uncomfortable.
The whole movie, every time they showed this ^ guy, I kept thinking "Is that the guy from Warm Bodies?" then I would think "No, that's stupid. You just think that because he's wearing the same makeup." But no. That is, in fact, the same guy. Apparently he is the go-to actor when you need someone who can pull off the corpse look. 

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