Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Yesterday, my mom, my sister, and I went to The Mystery Hole which, in case you were wondering, is pretty much the same thing as the Mystery Spot from Supernatural, only I think this one was even more cheesy than the one from Supernatural. That's what we were expecting though, so it worked out okay and I, personally, thought it was pretty fun. The majority of the tour took place in a room that was tilted to the side. They had a ball that rolled uphill, and water that flowed uphill, and a chair that stood on the wall.

There was also a couch in the room and the tour guide had three people sit there when we came in, then when we were leaving he told them to stand up from the couch without using their arms. None of them could do it. Then, after they finally did manage to get up, he asked if anyone else wanted to try it. My mom said "I'll bet you could do it." Then my sister was like "Yeah, try it!" So I did......and just stood right up. I'm not sure what the deal is, something about body mass vs. muscle mass maybe? Anyway, it was kind of cool. Then my sister was like "Good job, you just ruined that guy(the tour guide)'s whole day." Which is probably true actually. Also, I bought one of those plastic rainbow slinkys in the gift shop, because I wanted a souvenir that could reference two Supernatural episodes at once.
I was a little disappointed though because they had music playing the whole time, and they never played Heat of the Moment. I mean, come on!  

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