Thursday, May 14, 2015

Too Far?

You know how our society is pretty much built around the idea of everything being disposable? and how most people are totally okay with the idea of just throwing things away if they don't want them? Well, I try so hard not to be like that that I think I have actually gone a little too far in the other direction. I feel overly guilty if I ever have to throw anything away.

I always make several days worth of food at once, and just eat it every day until it's gone. Sometimes though, I accidentally make more than I meant to and before it's gone I start to wonder if it's still good or not. But I feel really bad if I throw it away because I just keep thinking "That's two whole days worth of food!" So I usually just eat it anyway and hope that it doesn't poison me. So far it's worked out alright.

Also, e.l.f., the place where I buy my makeup, sells a lot of their stuff in sets. Even in a set, it's way cheaper than a single product from pretty much anywhere else. I hate buying stuff like that though, because I usually only want one or two of the things, not the others. I often end up buying something I don't really like instead, just because I can buy it individually. I'm always tempted to write to them and tell them that I would gladly pay three times as much just to buy the one thing I want by itself, instead of getting all the other things I will just have to get rid of.

I also continue to wear clothes long after they have holes in them, and boots long after they have ceased to be water-proof. This one time, I even saved a bunch of glass jars for months because they stopped taking them at the recycling places around here, and I just couldn't bring myself to throw them away. Finally I had to just give in and do it anyway. It was sad.

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