Friday, May 22, 2015

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I have talked a little before about my feelings in regard to people, particularly celebrities, who give up their vegan diets due to alleged "health problems." I recently found this article from Bonzai Aphrodite on the subject of health issues as they relate to veganism. It is a really excellent article, and it made me rethink my stance on the issue (slightly).

To be honest, when I hear about people who develop health issue while on a vegan diet, it never even enters my mind that they might be telling the truth. I have always just assumed that it was an excuse for giving up a lifestyle that they simply found too inconvenient. I thought that claiming to need meat and other animal products in order to be healthy was simply a way to get out of doing the morally correct thing without looking, to everyone else, like someone who lacks the conviction to stick to his or her beliefs.

After reading this article I realized that, while I still absolutely do not believe that a vegan diet actually causes health issues, there may be certain health problems that would be easier to mange on a non-vegan diet. I truly believe that a vegan diet is healthier overall than a meat-based diet, but it does not automatically prevent all illnesses and it may make handling illnesses a bit more difficult, at times.

The woman from the article developed deficiencies in several different nutrients after giving birth and was told that the best way to handle them was to begin eating animal products again. She struggled with the issue for a long time before finally finding a solution that did not require her to sacrifice her beliefs. I truly admire her for her conviction and her unwillingness to do something that she found immoral, despite everything she was going through.

This article gave me a new perspective on people who give up veganism because of their health. It did not, however, change my mind about it altogether. I still believe that people who truly believe in animal rights will find a way (as the woman who wrote the article did) to stick to their beliefs no matter what. There is always a way to solve any issue, health or otherwise, while remaining true to your compassionate lifestyle. It may prove difficult, and frustrating, at times but it is always possible and those of us who truly care will manage to make it work.
This is the author of the article, I highly recommend you read it. I'm sure I didn't do it justice.

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