Saturday, May 23, 2015

I Want to Be Sara Lance When I Grow Up

Last night at class there were two other guys there, and the New Instructor. I'm not entirely sure what the one guy was doing, he kind of seemed to just be hanging out. So I ended up practicing kicks with the one guy while the Instructor watched and corrected us. It worked out pretty well.

Then, when we were leaving, I was putting my boots on and the Instructor said "Is that a knife in your boot?" It was, I don't know if I told you guys about that or not, but I keep a knife in my boot (just because I think it's cool.....I don't know). I said "Yeah, it is."  The other two guys simultaneously say "Really?!" and the Instructor goes "Can I see it?" They looked at the knife and discussed it for a minute, then the Instructor said "Are you an assassin?" and then laughed and said "A vegan assassin." To which I replied "No one ever expects it."

I do think it would be kind of a fun job.

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