Tuesday, March 25, 2014

You Got Me Again, Powers That Be

I recently discovered this game store that sells a ton of used DVDs and I have been going there regularly looking for movies and series to watch. A few weeks ago, I found season one of Terminator; The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I didn't really expect to like it, because I never got into the Terminator movies, but it was cheap and Summer Glau is in it so I thought I'd give it a try. Well, once I started watching it, I got really into it and watched the whole season in a few days. Then I go online trying to find the second season and there are apparently not many out there. Plus most of the ones I could find were crazy expensive. Finally I found one on Amazon for a fairly reasonable price and spent a week waiting around for it to get here. It finally came today and I was super excited until I looked at it. First off, I noticed that it was in the weirdest, and most illogical DVD case I have ever see. The DVDs just stack right on top of each other, no dividers. Then I look on the front and notice a sticker which reads "Lane County Library". I thought "That can't be a good sign." Sure enough, when I looked at the disks, every one was scratched to shit. I decided to give them a shot anyway; sometimes they will fool you like that. Nope! The first disk (which was the least scratched) froze up once, and then later just stopped completely. Awesome. Also, the part where it absolutely refuses to go any further is this really intense scene where you know something crazy is about to happen and now how will I know what was going to happen?!
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