Thursday, March 13, 2014

Good Stuff, Like Really Good

You guys remember that perfume I mentioned a while back? Well, I ordered some and it's fucking amazing! The shop is called Sarawen Perfume Art, all of her stuff is vegan and they are all based on really cool things, like fictional characters and whatnot. I bought Wayward Son which is inspired by Sam Winchester. It said it was a unisex scent, and I was nervous that it would be too manly smelling for me to actually wear, but it's not. Now I'm just nervous that I'm going to end up being one of those girls who wears way too much perfume because I like it so much that I keep putting more on. Basically, what I'm saying is............
Seriously, I fucking love it! Plus she seems like a really cool person. So check out her store. The Supernatural ones are listed under "Gothic" if you're looking for them. 

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