Sunday, March 30, 2014

Post-Apocalyptic Hobbies

Tonight my dad and I were watching Sarah Connor Chronicles and, in one of the scenes with Derek, my dad said "I wonder where he found the time to get all the tattoos?" If you don't know the show, Derek is from the future; you know, after the machines destroy everything and the whole planet is basically a huge wasteland. The point is, there probably aren't many tattoo studios around in his time. Well, as I told my dad, it makes perfect sense to me. If I were in his position probably one of the first things I would do is learn to do my own tattoos. I mean think about it; when they aren't fighting for their lives, they're just sitting around in tunnels with nothing to do to occupy their time. It's not like they can watch TV or check Facebook. What better way to keep yourself busy than practicing your tattooing skills? Plus, you could practice as much as you want and who really cares? So you tattoo your arm and it comes out looking all shitty. That arm is probably going to be blown halfway across the state the next day anyway.

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