Thursday, March 27, 2014

Parallel Universes

My dad and I are now watching The Sarah Connor Chronicles. So far I have still only seen the first season, since I never did get my copy of the second season to play. Now my dad is watching it though, so we ordered another copy of the second season to replace the shitty one I bought.

Anyway, I warned him before he started watching it that it was a good show, but he had to ignore the absurd number of paradoxes. We started talking about how the only way the show would work is if you assume it is based on the multiverse theory of time travel. So every time someone comes back to change the past they are simply creating a new timeline in which things will happen differently than the future they came from. Otherwise the whole show is just a big ball of nonsense.

Well, that discussion lead to a discussion about the idea that every choice we make creates a new universe in which we made the opposite choice of the one we made in this universe (did that sentence actually make sense?). I mentioned to him that a long time ago, on my old blog, I wrote a post about that idea. He said "I don't remember that. You should write another one." So I think for tomorrow's post I will write about that. Stay tuned for crazy, complicated, theoretical physics as interpreted by someone who knows next to nothing about physics!
Only 36 hours left to vote :) 

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