Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Perfect Summary of Cats

I am currently reading the third Sandman collection "Dream Country". It contains a story called "A Dream of a Thousand Cats". This particular story is pretty interesting for several reasons. First of all, it is told from the perspective of cats, which is kind of cool in and of itself. Second, there is a little bit of an animal rights theme because one of the cats is talking about wanting to rebel against humans because her "masters" killed her kittens for not being purebred. Third, she presents the idea that if enough people (in this case, cats) dream about the same thing at the same time, it becomes real. The Dream Lord, who appears to her as The Cat of Dreams tells her that cats once ruled the world, but the humans got together and decided to dream of a world in which they were the rulers. This changed reality and cats became small and submissive to the humans. She is going on a sort of pilgrimage around the world trying to convince all the cats to dream themselves back into a position of power. Supposedly, it would only take a thousand of them. The fourth thing that was so great about it was the line that I think pretty much sums up the very core of what cats are. A kitten asks one of the older cats if he believes that it will happen and the older cat replies "Little one, I would like to see anyone- prophet, king, or god -persuade a thousand cats to do anything at the same time." Yep, that sounds about right.

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