Wednesday, March 26, 2014


This may seem like a contradiction to those of you who know me, and how much of my time I waste (at least by the average person's standards) on a daily basis, but I have this thing about efficiency. I need everything I do to be done in the most efficient way possible. Even when I'm doing stupid, unnecessary things I need to do them in the most time-effective manner. This means that I am a compulsive multi-tasker. At this very moment, I have seven tabs open. I am writing this post, checking my email, signing petitions, looking at Facebook, checking Pinterest (which requires multiple tabs) and searching for an image to use for this post. I am this way about everything in my life though. I drive fast. I walk fast. When I go shopping, I go straight to the thing I need, get it, and get back out. I am extremely picky about what I eat, above and beyond just being vegan, because I need to feel like there is nothing in my food that is not doing something good for my body. Every calorie needs to pull it's weight. When I work out I do every move more times, or with more intensity, or faster, or longer, or with more weight, or with more stretch, than is actually required. I need to feel like every move counts. On the other hand, back when I used to drink from time to time, I always drank the strongest thing available. I didn't see any need to have ten mixed drinks when I could take a shot or two of 151 and be good to go.
"My god, girl, look at your eyes. What have you been drinking, gasoline?"

*I'm not 100% sure that is the image that goes with that line, but it was the closest I could find. 
**In case you were confused, I wanted to use that line because 151 tastes like gasoline. 
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