Sunday, August 23, 2015

What Is That!?

My dad and I did some more work on the camper today. It turns out that it's not quite as bad off as we thought. It looks like all of the water in my "exercise room" actually came from the water heater which, when we took it out today, we found had obviously been frozen and busted. We initially thought that the roof had been leaking, which would have meant a lot more work and money, but it seems that is not the case. So yay! 

Unfortunately, I also seem to have been exposed to some sort of flesh eating substance. I was working, and I felt this stinging sensation inside my boot. I assumed it was some sort of bug biting or stinging me, but I was in the middle of something and it wasn't terribly painful, so I just ignored it. It just kept stinging though, so finally I stopped and took my boot off to check it out. I found absolutely nothing. I thought "Well that's weird" put my boot back on and kept working. It just kept fucking stinging though! So I took my boot and my sock off. When I looked at my ankle, I had this weird orange (and I mean orange!) mark, that was still burning even though there was obviously no bug. I have no idea what this shit is, but I now have two orange marks which are still burning even now! What is this? How did I possibly get some sort of corrosive substance inside my boot? And why is it so orange? 
It actually got less orange throughout the day. It was much brighter than this when it first happened.

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