Saturday, August 8, 2015


I have three updates for you guys- One, boring one, semi-interesting one, and one super exciting one!

The boring one is that I am taking this rib fiasco as a sign from The Powers that I should stop with the fucking sandbags, and go back to doing body weight exercises. I have my new sit-up contraption, which is even more difficult than I had expected. So that should be okay. Now I've been searching frantically for various leg exercises that will work as well as squats with the fifty pound bag. I found a few that feel like they are working pretty well, but I'm still probably going to be spazzing out about it months.

Speaking of my rib, it turns out that, at least according to the chiropractor that I work for, it is not cracked. Well, actually he said "it isn't broken" which I already knew, (I'm fairly certain I would have realized if it was actually broken) but I assume he would have told me if it was cracked too. Unfortunately, that doesn't really do me much good since it's obviously still fucked up. It does seem to be getting slightly better though, so I guess that's good. That was the semi-interesting update, by the way.

Now for the super exciting update! They finally released the official Deadpool trailer (Loud squealing noise) and it is amazing!

No stupid rib is going to stop me!

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