Thursday, August 6, 2015

Broken Glass

This is another of my old poems. I decided to go with this one this week because a couple of days ago, I got comments on it from Hello Poetry, which I haven't even logged into for years. Anyway, I figured if people there liked it all of a sudden, maybe you guys would too. 

I view my world through broken glass
it distorts everything I see.
Things that should be nice and comforting
all look dangerous to me.
Everything around me, everyone I know
is so twisted and unrel.
I'm living in this nightmare wasteland
where fear is all I feel.
I know this place is beautiful.
I hear it all the time
but it just looks like a prison cell
to these broken eyes of mine.
All these strangers that surround me
I guess you'd call them family and friends
just make me fell like I'm a spy
who's trying to act like one of them.
Is there smewhere out ther I can go
that will really look like home?
Or am I doomed to see only ugliness
and to always feel alone?
Are there people out there in this world
who will truly be my friends
who will love me and respect me
and on whom I can depend?
If I keep searching long enough
will I ever find a way
to see the beauty in this life
so I will have a reason to stay?
Or will I wander aimlessly
until the day I die
looking for a place and a life
that I will never find?
I wish that I could see the world
for what it really is
but my corrupted vision
is a problem I don't know how to fix.
For now I'll keep pretending
to see things the way you do
and hope that Im the one who's wrong
and it's you who sees the truth.

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