Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Beauty of the Broken

This is probably my favorite of all of my old poems (even though I never think of this one as a poem. In my mind it's always a song.). There are very few pieces of my old writing that I can look back on now and not cringe at least a little, this is one of them.

Your scars and your tears,
your addictions and your fears
make you beautiful.
Your love
is such delicious poison.
I see the beauty of the broken in your eyes
and I
can't seem to shake this feeling
although your anger sends me reeling every time. 
I know it's not right
to stay with you all night
and watch you disappear 
into a thick fog of pain
and the chemicals you claim
bring you some relief.
And deep down I know
it's better if I go
and let you find your way
to the light on your own.
I thought that maybe I could save you
but I just don't know how to
and it breaks my heart
to see all the pain you live with
and the harm you'll cause yourself to ease it.
There's nothing I can do.
My staying here's not helping.
I wake up every morning and I feel so lost.
Lately I just feel so useless.
I can't stand to feel this hopeless.
It's tearing me apart.
I don't know how to tell you,
part of me still doesn't want to
but what else is there to do
but to walk away?

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