Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I discovered something pretty cool (at least in my opinion) recently. You know how I usually use henna on my hair? but that I get the best results by leaving it on overnight (which is kind of a pain in the ass)? Well, I have found the most convenient way to color my hair ever. It doesn't come out quite as bright as I would like, but it's totally worth it. I have been putting Manic Panic in my conditioner.....That's it, that's all. I started doing it because I hoped it would help keep it brighter between colorings. Then, at some point I realized that my roots should have grown out a long time ago, but that I didn't seem to have any showing. So yeah, not only does it save me the hassle of coloring my hair, but it also saves me from ever having to deal with my roots growing out, and looking stupid until I get around to coloring them.

If anyone wants to give it a try, I used the Vampire Red (but there are lots of colors I think would probably work well) and put a lot of it in my bottle of conditioner. I wash my hair first thing, when I get in the shower and let the conditioner soak in while I'm shaving and whatnot. Be forewarned, the stuff will also stain your hands but I have found that it washes back off by the time I get out of the shower (I take really long showers, so there is a chance that won't happen for everyone, but if you just wash your hands a couple of times you should be fine). Anyway, just thought I would share my little discovery with you guys.
Keep in mind that the colors olny come out like this ^ if you bleach your hair first. The conditioner method will only give you a slight tint, but mine comes out looking much closer to Vampire Red than to my natural color, Gray-ish Brown. 

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