Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This Could Get Interesting

You know how a while back I mentioned that a yellow jacket had gotten into my room and stung me in my sleep? Well, it turns out the little fuckers are living in my ceiling! Every night, I get more and more of them suddenly appearing in my room. They seem to just sort of hide in the ceiling all day, until I go upstairs at night to read before I go to bed. It appears that the light draws them out. So I go up there and everything seems fine, I sit there and read for a few minutes, then I start to notice a buzzing noise, then my room is completely overrun by yellow jackets. The best part is, turning on the light brings them out, but turning off the light does not convince them to leave. So they just fly around like lunatics and crash into the walls in the dark, and then sometimes end up in bed with me. Last night I finally stuffed some fabric into the crack I'm pretty sure they have been coming out of. That seemed to help; I only had a couple last night as opposed to the six or seven the previous night.

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