Thursday, September 10, 2015


To make up for my lack of animal rights post last week, I thought I would go ahead and share one of my animal rights poems (from my book) for my throwback post. It's probably a little over-the-top, but I still stand by it. 

It's the murder of the most innocent
those who could commit no crime.
Their souls have far more purity
than you could hope for yours or mine.
How can this be justified?
How can they say that it's alright
to kill those who cannot protect themselves,
those who can't put up a fight?
I wish that I were stronger
that I could truly speak my mind.
I know there's courage deep inside me,
but it's so fucking hard to find.
I want to tell the world
of all the evils that they do,
but I can't seem to speak opinions
even when I know they're true.
Why can't people see it?
Why won't they open up their eyes?
How can they ignore the suffering?
Can't they hear the anguished cries?
Don't they know that they can stop it?
Don't they know it's up to us?
If we can just sacrifice a couple luxuries
we can make the suffering stop.
I want to make a difference.
I want to change the way we live.
I'd give up anything to do that
but I just don't know what yo give.
I wish that I were strong enough
to convince them to make the right choice
but I can't seem to speak up so loud
that they can hear my voice.
Inside my head I'm screaming
but from my mouth just a whisper comes out.
I wish that I could be the type
to look them in the eyes and shout.
"Stop what you're doing!"
Stop it now!
before more lives are lost."
Stop acting like a selfish child
never thinking of the cost
of all these stupid things you want
these things you think you really need.
If you would just give up a few desires
your poor slaves could all be freed."

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