Saturday, September 5, 2015

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry there was no post yesterday, it was kind of a crazy day.

First, my dad and I took a trailer full of stuff from the camper to the dump (always fun).

Actually, that wasn't first. While we were trying to finish loading the trailer, I kept hearing a kitten crying. I know I've bitched about the excessive number of cats at my dad's house before, so yeah, we pretty much always have kittens around. But this one sounded like it was coming form the pig field, needless to say that is a terrible place for a kitten to be. So I walked through the pig field trying to figure out where he was. Naturally, Tuni assumed that the only reason I could possibly be in her field was that I wanted to wrestle with her, so she kept grunting at me and trying to push me over. I finally got to the opposite end of the field and realized that the kitten was not, in fact, in the pig field, but in the tiny area between the pig field and the yard where my dad's dogs are. So I had to climb over the fence, crawl under a bunch of shrubbery to get to him, then climb back through the shrubbery while trying to hold onto him. Also, I'm fairly certain this particular kitten was on the porch the previous day, which means he had to go through the dogs' yard to get to where he was, not a good idea!

Anyway, after that we went to the dump.

Then we went to Lowe's to buy (hopefully) most of the rest of the supplies we will need to finish the camper.

Then, as soon as we got back, I turned around and went back to Clarksburg with my sister, to get groceries.

Then we got stuck in a ridiculous thunder storm.

Then it was 10:00 and I really just didn't give enough of a shit to write a blog post. Anyway, I think I will write my animal rightsy post tomorrow.  

P.S. We're doing my Typhoid Mary shoot tonight!
P.P.S. I chose this picture of Mary because I'm pretty sure this is what I looked like climbing through the brush trying to get to that kitten. 

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