Monday, September 14, 2015


It's so weird to me how quickly we get used to certain things; you deal with something for a little while and then all of a sudden it's the norm and you don't even notice anymore. (Of course, this only works for some things. There are always the things that you never do get used to, but I talk about that enough.)

The last couple of days the weather has been significantly cooler here. Not cold, by any means, just cooler. And I have been freezing my ass off! Today it is in the seventies outside and I'm wearing a long-sleeved shirt. I hate long-sleeved shirts, I never wear them unless I absolutely have to. Last night I think it got down into the upper forties. All through last winter, I slept with my window cracked at least a little almost every night. Last night I woke up and closed the window all the way and added a second blanket to my bed, even though I have been sleeping with just a sheet for the last couple of months.

It just always amazes me how differently our bodies (and our minds) interpret things based on what has been happening recently. I know damn well that a couple of months ago this weather would have felt amazing, but since it has been upward of ninety degrees lately, I feel like I'm going to freeze to death. It's not even like I got used to being comfortable and am now uncomfortable, the heat hasn't been particularly pleasant either, it's just that something different is happening and now my body is convinced that it is now winter.
Well...if I had a tail, it would be.

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