Friday, September 11, 2015

Ⓥ Book Review

I know I have mentioned many times how much I like to support vegan artists. I love knowing that something was made by someone who shares my values. I have also mentioned how hard it is for me to find vegan artists who make the type of art that I like. I have had an especially hard time finding vegan authors who write the type of books I enjoy reading. For the most part, vegans tend to only write book about veganism or animal rights, and they seem to be especially fond of writing cook books. This is great and I do still try to support these people but I, personally, can only read so many books about veganism before I get bored and need something more exciting. Well I finally found a vegan author who writes my kind of books! 

Frank E. Bittinger writes paranormal/supernatural/horror novels. This genre has always been, by far, my favorite. For some reason, it also seems to be the least embraced by vegan authors. I suppose it makes sense that some vegans would find the blood, gore, and violence that frequently accompanies horror stories to be in conflict with their peaceful way of life. I, however, enjoy books that offer a sense of danger and adventure that I can't get in my real life, which is why I was so pleased to find Frank Bittinger. 

I recently read his book Angels of the Seventh Dawn. I don't want to give too much away, because I'm hoping you will read it, but It covered several different species of supernatural creatures and managed to blend them together, and into our own society, in a way that somehow seemed natural and believable. It also blurred the lines of good and evil in a way that I found quite intriguing. It forces you to question your own ideas about the nature of humanity, and why most authors of paranormal type books always assume that the humans are the good guys, in every scenario. Plus it sort of highlighted the fluidity of human (and not-quite-human) sexuality, which I always appreciate, since so few authors seem willing to do that. It did not have any animal rights overtones, so don't go into it expecting that, though there were a few little things thrown in here and there. Overall, it was a new and unique perspective on a familiar topic that left me wanting to read all of the rest of his books. Check them all out on his Amazon page! I already have the others on my wish list.