Monday, July 27, 2015

I've Gone Too Far!

You know how I have mentioned multiple times that I have been reading Deadpool? Well, I think I have gone a little overboard. See, I decided that I wanted to know the whole story, because I'm a crazy person and I can't stand not knowing everything about the things I like. However, I wanted to do this with as little expense as possible (because, as I have learned, comics are more expensive than regular books). I really had no idea how to do that though. So I went searching on Amazon. I found a series called "Deadpool the Complete Collection, by Daniel Way". Now, since there were only four volumes, I should have realized that it was not, in fact, the "complete collection" but I thought maybe they were just really big volumes. Wrong. In was actually just all of the stories written by Daniel Way (hmmmmm....probably should have realized that, based on the name......) which are all pretty recent, and offer very little back-story. So, once I figured that out, I went back to Amazon and found "Deadpool Classics" volumes 1 through (so far) 11. I thought "Classics. That should have the oldest stories, right? I can start at the beginning!" Well......kind of. It turns out that those contain mostly Deadpool appearances from other comics, and very few of his own comics. So now I finally bought just plain "Deadpool". Probably I should have started there in the first place. None of them have arrived yet, but I feel like I should pretty much know every single thing about Deadpool by the time I'm finished (which I guess was the point, right?). Anyway, I guess my point here is that I am going to have a shit-ton of Deadpool comics! Also, that I really don't even want to think about how much money I have spent on them.
But look at this cute baby Deadpool fan art I found. 

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